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What is You and Blue?

You and Blue is the new way for law enforcement and our communities to collaborate in solving crimes and making our communities safer.

Our goal is simple:  Improve the safety of our communities through the shared use of technology that builds trust between law enforcement and community members.

So what is it?  A website, that is a secure, centralized, and modern tipline.  It’s easy to navigate, with clear instructions on how to submit specific tips, as well as upload videos, images, and documents — a direct response to law enforcement’s repeated requests for the public’s help in combating crime.

Recent events in Charlottesville, Las Vegas, New York City, Iowa, Florida, Pittsburgh, and Thousand Oaks have made the need for You and Blue especially compelling. We saw people of all backgrounds, colors, and ethnicities come together to oppose racism, violence, and hate.  At the same time, law enforcement was asking for help…………

People wanted to share their photos and videos to help law enforcement identify or gather more information on those who committed and/or incited these acts of violence.  But there was no centralized, efficient way to do that and this limited the ability to share vital information.  You and Blue will change this, a true paradigm shift.

Whether real or imagined, the concept of “Us versus Them” or “Us” versus Law Enforcement needs to change.  You and Blue is a way to create the dynamic of “Us” AND Law Enforcement. “Them” is rightfully reserved for criminals, terrorists, hate groups, and all those who work to divide us.

You and Blue is one place for law enforcement and all of us to join together in promoting public safety.

The current method of collecting information is very fragmented and inefficient.  All too often, tips are sent to law enforcement via, fax, email, phone, in person, or through a website that doesn’t allow for uploads or provide specific directions. Lack of uniformity and ease in collecting information frustrates both law enforcement and the public.

You and Blue was developed in collaboration with law enforcement and is just about ready to be launched.  But now we need you…..

You have the opportunity to make a difference and be a part of something larger.  You and Blue has been formed as a nonprofit organization, (Crime Tipline, DBA You and Blue-EIN #82-1988786) specifically so that this crime-fighting tool may be offered free of charge to law enforcement. Help us reach our initial goal of $350,000 to launch You and Blue so that this indispensable tipline is immediately available to help solve crimes.  This won’t happen without your support.

Your donation will be tax-deductible and, if you like, your name will be added to our “Founder’s Circle” on our website as a person who cared enough to make You and Blue an important tool in fighting crime and increasing community cohesion and engagement.

Anything helps.  You can set up a recurring donation or a one-time pledge.  Thank you for your support and commitment.  We will keep you updated!  Until then, please spread the word.

Brant Claussen
Founder/Executive Director

Questions? Would you like to help?, Media inquiries? Are you with a law enforcement agency?  Please Contact Us.