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What is You and Blue?

You and Blue is the new way for law enforcement and our communities to collaborate in solving crimes and making our communities safer.

Our goal is simple:  Improve the safety of our communities through the shared use of technology that builds trust between law enforcement and community members.

You and Blue’s COVID-19 Response

Our commitment to our community’s safety grows even more in times of crisis. As a technology nonprofit we can move quickly to help in a variety of areas. Medical Staff Now is our latest effort to help when we are called upon. Medical Staff Now came to be out of a need for connecting medical professionals with the growing number of states looking for help from doctor’s , nurses, EMT’s and so on. Unfortunately, many states do not have the ability to accept these professionals offers for help in an organized online fashion. If they do, it is often hard to find where to go. Medical Staff Now solves this issue by providing one place nationally for medical profession to offer their help.

Many states have contributed to making this new free resource available in a short period of time. I am particularly proud and thankful to our team that made this site happen from idea to reality in five days.
I know a lot of us are feeling a bit powerless right now and looking for ways to help others. There are two things you can do right now to help. First, if you know a medical professional looking to help out in this time of need please send them to Medical Staff Now https://medicalstaffnow.org/ to find a state where they can help. Or simply send the link to your overall network. Second, if you can, please donate to You and Blue.

Medical Staff Now is a free resource for our nation but it isn’t free to run. Your tax deductible contribution to our cause would be greatly appreciated.

Be safe and thank you!

Brant Claussen
CEO/Founder-You and Blue

EIN# 82-1988786 Crime Tipline Inc. DBA You and Blue